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ALY Streamlines 3D Architectural Design for Builders

In today’s competitive construction environment, developers and builders need every advantage they can get to attract interest and investors before beginning a new development project. Whether you’re developing an office space, multi-family housing, or single-family homes, ALY provides a cutting-edge 3D architectural design for builders. It allows your potential buyers to feel as if they’re in the space walking around, rather than looking at a 2D rendering.

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ALY Lets You Share Your Vision Quickly & Easily

ALY is an easy-to-use, simple design tool that allows you to share 3D renderings with stakeholders at the click of a button – quickly capturing the interest of investors and stakeholders, providing an riveting experience, and allowing for immediate feedback and collaboration.

The initial pre-construction process can be difficult for builders and developers who are attempting to build buzz and gain interest for a potential project. Sending 3D models, sketches, blueprints and other designs can be helpful – but understanding this information often requires a technical eye that not all investors or stakeholders have.

That’s where ALY’s 3D architectural design for builders comes in. Your team connects our cloud-based rendering software to the cloud storage your organization already uses – your designs will be fully rendered in high detail, and shareable using a single URL to any web device, no app required.


$0per month
  • Free unlimited public 1K renders
  • Collaborative sharing of public projects


$1799per month
  • High resolution renders with incredible zoomable detail
  • Private collaborative sharing of projects
  • Additional $0.50 per minute, billed nightly. Rendering time varies depending on file quality and the number of cameras.


  • Allow users to configure models and finishes
  • Integrate visual ordering with your website
  • Render and integration costs vary by implementation. Contact our experts for a free consultation.

What Builders Are Saying About ALY

“Our onsite team added the ALY videos to their signature line in the emails as well as sent the links out to prospects during phone and online touring. They also used the tours during in-person showings as a tool to allow prospects to see what the completed space would look like. We found it as a great tool to add to our marketing options when we were unable to tour the actual space.”

Millcreek Residential

“I think this tool was a great way to sell the dream of our rooftop pool area. It really helped to paint the picture of what was to come. Prospects loved to see what the pool was going to look like once completed. It definitely helped with leasing before the property was complete.”

Modera Howell Apartment

“The virtual tour that the ALY team prepared was instrumental in helping our team communicate the vision for one of our office assets. They did a wonderful job helping us bring the idea from a still image into an immersive experience that we used on multiple in-person and remote presentations. They have a great marketing tool and a customer-focused team.”

Cawley Partners

Sell Your Projects More Effectively With The ALY Platform

ALY lets you save time and money when developing marketing collateral for the pre-construction investment process, since your technical team can create web renderings on demand without having to master multiple new tools.

Not only that, but it helps sell or present your projects more effectively. Developers do not have to rely on static renderings or sketches – but can share URLs directly to a client, allowing them to explore the entire layout in 3D.

Multiple design options are also supported, which let a potential customer alter the layout, visualize different options/materials, and make other alterations on-the-fly – with no need for the 3D rendering to be updated by your team.

With ALY, you save time and effort when creating renderings for your clients, and you can sell your projects more effectively. That results in less stress, higher sales rates, and better overall profits – no matter what you’re building.

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