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ALY Provides Real-World Immersions with 3D Product Visualization

At ALY, our purpose-built 3D rendering platform is built to benefit product providers for materials like flooring, appliances, furniture, cabinets, countertops, and so much more.

If you’re a product provider or manufacturer, ALY’s 3D product visualization offers an incredible opportunity to show off your products in an immersive, 3D environment – and with on-the-fly changes to materials, designs, and products, they can get an unparalleled look at how your products can change their home or other building for the better.

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ALY Streamlines The Sample Process

We all know how the process of working with architects, builders, and other customers usually works. Your sales reps visit the client’s home, office, or job site, shows off samples and static photos, renderings or sketches, and helps the client choose the right material for the job.

But what if there was a better way? There is.

With ALY, you attach your existing web based storage directly to our platform, where your CAD files will be transformed into a high-fidelity, 360-degree rendering that can be viewed on any web enabled device, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices like phones and tablets.


$0per month
  • Free unlimited public 1K renders
  • Collaborative sharing of public projects


$1799per month
  • High resolution renders with incredible zoomable detail
  • Private collaborative sharing of projects
  • Additional $0.50 per minute, billed nightly. Rendering time varies depending on file quality and the number of cameras.


  • Allow users to configure models and finishes
  • Integrate visual ordering with your website
  • Render and integration costs vary by implementation. Contact our experts for a free consultation.

Save Time & Money By Rendering Your Popular Products In Advance

With ALY, you can render thousands of distinct files in advance, uploading them to our platform for immediate use when showcasing your products to clients and customers.

This saves you both time and money – your team can avoid the process of altering individual 3D rendered layouts and models, reducing turnaround times, and streamlining the collaboration process.

For product providers, ALY is also available as a white-label tool – it can be customized with your branding and presented to customers as your own in-house tool. The ALY 3D rendering platform is a powerful brand differentiator, so this is sure to help enhance the prestige of your firm, lead to more referrals, and enhance overall customer satisfaction with your products and offerings.

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